Our Story

We are excited to announce that following a full renovation, we re-opened in June 2023 as Greyfinch Chatham Inn. Like Chatham’s summer travelers, the Greyfinch bird migrates through the area with ease and leisure, visiting its native finch friends on the island, similar to our guests who come to enjoy quintessential Cape Cod. Here at the Greyfinch Chatham Inn, we invite all travelers to enjoy the authentic Cape Cod experience and connect with the local history, culture, and people of the island. 

Throughout the guest experience at Greyfinch Chatham Inn, travelers will also discover the island’s salt production history. One that trails back centuries, in which our hotel pays homage to its modern yet historic design.  

We invite you to uncover Chatham’s nautical heritage while creating traditions and memories of your own at Greyfinch Chatham Inn